The above grid of prices is for groups of up to 5 people joining Alistair (skipper) 


Depending on tides there can be the option of being picked up from the

Itchenor public pontoon for a 5 - 8 hour sail: the cost will be the same as a 10hr sail from Dell Quay. 

Other Charges and Options  (there is no VAT to be added to any of the costs)

The info below is for individuals or partial groups joining others.



5 hour sail from Dell Quay £55 per person including refreshments

10 hour sail from Dell Quay £80 per person including a meal and refreshments

Please note that the 5 hour sail is 2.5 hours each side of High Water, so we have the tide against us both ways, and therefore don't go far. 

Whereas the 10 hour sail is far better as we go out with the ebb tide and return with flood tide. A good day's sailing :) 


6 hour sail from Itchenor £60 per person including refreshments

7 hour sail from Itchenor £70 per person including refreshments

8 hour sail from Itchenor £80 per person including refreshments

Please note that you have to pay for the car park at Itchenor and it's a few minutes walk away. 

The Itchenor public pontoon has the great advantage that's it's accessible at any state of the tide, plus it's central to the harbour. 

Inclusions and Optional Extras

Included within the above prices ...

  1. All safety equipment required for Coded Yachts in Cat ‘D’ waters.


Not Included

  1. Any marina or visitor mooring fees

  2. Diesel charged at £4 per hour of engine running

  3. Waterproofs


Optional Extras

  1. Bedding inc. sleeping bag, pillow and blanket £10 per person

  2. Food... menu options can be discussed.


Explanations to ‘Tariff Descriptions’ in the table above

PEARL's home mooring is a half tide swinging mooring at Dell Quay so timings revolve around the tide table. This is why the Tariff mentions no set times, just hours in order to stay very flexible.

PEARL is afloat approximately 2 hours before high water till 3 hours after. So a 5 hour sail is around the High Tide, and a 10 hour sail is going out on the ebbing tide and returning on the flooding tide.

We are very flexible and will do our best to accommodate your requirements in connection with Alistair’s availability and try and find a convenient date and time.

Postpone due to weather: our 'Good Weather Pledge'

If the weather forecast is foul, or the Met Office have issued a ‘Strong Wind Warning’ (Force 6 and above) for the Solent area for the time of your charter, you may postpone your booking for another available date and not incur any charge. This link takes you to their website and if there’s a red line around our section of coast (Area 7) it means there’s a strong wind warning.



Subject to availability Alistair's time can be purchased to assist you with your boat if it's in Chichester Harbour.  

First hour £45

Second Hour £30

Subsequent hours in the same day £20